The Wonder Working Post-Partum Body Wrap / garment is a Scientific Garment, designed by the orthopedic doctors and gynecologist in the United State of America to help relieve the burden that women go through in trying to get back to pre-pregnancy figure 8, Sexy, Silhouette Shape.  The POST-PARTUM BODY WRAP is the solution to the challenge of protruding big stomach after childbirth topped with the concerns of returning to the pre pregnancy state of physical attraction, stylish, sexier, and maintaining the silhouette style of figure 8 is achievable now with the innovative, fashion conscious and wonder garment that is scientifically designed to transform the women’s shape (specifically the stomach) after delivery within 2-6 weeks. Where child birth is by Caesarian Section (CS), the Post-partum Body Wrap can be used conveniently after 7 days as the wrap has provision for the CS cut.

One thing that is key and uppermost in every pregnant woman’s mind is how to return to pre-pregnancy shape, flatten her tummy after childbirth and look good after delivery. This we all know is a major concern for all women if not the husband inclusive. No matter how old a woman is she is always conscious of her physical look and still wants to stay, stylish, sexy, and remain in silhouette style of figure 8. She desires to look better or return to her pre pregnancy state more than anyone else. We desperately want to flatten into that skimpy dress we use to wear before pregnancy.

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