Frequently Asked Questions​

Product Description of Post Partum

The Post Partum Body Wrap is a 21st century innovation by orthopaedic doctor to help women regain their abdomen/stomach to it a firmer pre -pregnancy position after child birth.


Made with the most comfortable fabrics and has double fabrics and double support in the tummy area. It features a stretch fabric for the inner panels and garment centre opening.

The front boasts of a double reinforced panel and one added layer of lace to hold your tummy in place. It compresses the uterus thereby encouraging easier expulsion of clots and water in the body.

Specially designed to assists the muscles of the abdomen and the back, thereby improving the sitting position while breast feeding.

The side panels reduce the side flab’s to get rid of saddlebags. The 3 adjustable straps on each side gives you the ability to control the firmness and comfort that you desire.

Side support panels goes down and around the buttocks to lift and reshape your muscles and tissues. Opening: has a hook and loop strap for use of toilet.

Frequently Asked Questions​

Answer: Promotional Prices are:
1. NGN22,500.00: within Nigeria; net of Shipping,

2. International price net shipping and tax is depending on country to ship to.

3. Without Promotion , Post-Partum is NGN37,500.00

Answer: The key features are:

  • Main material: 88% Polyamide, 6% Cotton, 6% Elastane
  • Colour: Black, Milk
  • it has a V – Shape cut to firm up the lower abdomen.
  • It has 4 adjustable straps to firm up the love handles and weight gained from the side perspective
  • It has provision for use for women who deliver by Caesarean Section (CS)
  • It has a firm 2.5 inches high band to prevent slouching
  • It has no bone, hook, rod, fish lining as you wrap to your comfort
  • The inner wrap is padded for comfortable pressure

    *The Post-Partum Body Wrap has a provision for changing of pant lining during period of discharge and f and ease of use of toilet without removing the garment
  • The Post – Partum recovers your body shape and smoothens the appearance of the lower abdomen after childbirth
  • The Post-Partum Body Wrap can be worn with Caesarean Section (CS) delivery after 7 days
  • It offers double support in the abdominal area by encouraging the internal organs to reposition themselves into their proper location after childbirth
  • It compresses the uterus thereby encourage easier expulsion of clots and water in the body.
  • It helps prevent haemorrhages and provides proper support so you can be fully mobile in caring for your baby
  • The Post -Partum helps relieve abdominal and back pain, in lifting and compressing the stomach
  • It helps to reduce the strain involved in lifting and carrying the baby.
  • Provides back support when breastfeeding, as most mothers don’t know they are slouching
  • It firms up the loosed / elasticated abdomen
  • It has provision for use of convenience and removal of disposables pant linings during the
    period of discharge
  • No bone, no hook, no rod, nor fish lining. comfortable to wear 24/7

Your Hips determine your size: Measure the hips very tight and relate with the size chart below:

  • XXS, – 34’’ – 36’’ Inches in Hips
  • XS, 37 – 39’’ Inches in Hips
  • S, 40 – 43’’ Inches in Hips
  • M, – 44 – 46’’ Inches in Hips
  • L, – 47 -49’’ Inches in Hips
  • XL -50 -52’’ Inches in Hips
  • XXL – 53 – 55’’ Inches in Hips

Irrespective of the size of the stomach; either long, round about or perpendicular,
because the garment is a wrap, it can accommodate it. For your hips, it is scientifically provened
that the maximum the hips can fluctuate during pregnancy is +or – 7 inches and this was taken
into consideration to reflect the kind of fabric used on the hips and gut area. The Post-partum,
actually enhances the but area.

  • Un strap the Garment on both sides
  • Open up the inner wrap
  • Turn the garment inside out
  • Turn the garment upside down
  • Put in the legs , one at a time and drag up one by one to the thigh.
  • Turn up the garment from the back and wriggle in till it gets to under the breast.
  • Lie down to Wrap round the stomach to desired comfort especially on the 1 st day of wear.
  • From day 2, stand in front of the mirror and pull the 2 ends to wrap.
  • Try to Strap the lower side straps on the 1 st da

* It is advised to be worn for 24 hours a day except when bathing if you can adhere, however,
where this is not possible, it must be worn for the longer hour of the day. The post Partum Body
Wrap is very friendly and has no bone or hooks. You determine your comfort at wrap. It does not
constrain you o a specific size
* Maximum period of wear: 15 – 45 days of continuous wear for permanent effect. You can stop
when you see the desired result.

Answer: Wash normally (Hand wash) No machine Wash

Answer: Delivery is 24 – 72 hours within Nigeria

Answer: Yes we have the following home / office delivery services
a. Courier delivery services: This is outsourced courier services
b. Personalized delivery service: This is when you need a lady’s assistance to wear. This is within
c. In house delivery: This is our unternal delivery bike services within Abuja

Answer: SURE!!!! Call 08033175109 for serious business discussion after reading up on: Be Come
an Agent

Answer: Yes. Depending on the mass of the stomach, you may not be able to strap up all the 4
latches / belts at day one . As the circumference of the stomach on the inner wrap goes down, then
you will be ale to strap up the reaming belts

Answer: Sure they can use it. Instead of body focus on Water, Blood, Air, and Gas, focus on this
case is on Skin elasticity. It will definitely firm up the abdomen also

Answer: a. You can pay on our e-commerce online store:
b. Pay directly into our bank account. This you have to call our customer service or email a request
for the information
c. Pay Cash at our stores
d. You can also do a phone transfer to our bank

Answer: You can use it for minimum 2 child birth

Answer: The beautiful thing is that you will be getting effective and good value and result for your
money spent.

Answer: The Post-Partum Body Wrap is a garment specifically for after child birth. Understanding
that the body is very sensitive after delivery, it is designed with comfort in mind and the
peculiarities of the body for effect and result. It is also the same reason that ensures that provision
is made for women that delivers via Caesarean section (CS) use. This also answers why it has no
form of BONE, HOOK, ROD, NOR FISH LININGS and it is the only seemingly shaper today that
addresses the lower abdominal fat effortlessly because of the V- cut provision.

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