1. Open up fully The MoPostpartum Body Wrap as shown in the picture manual
  2. Turn it inside out and subsequently upside down
  3. With the position in step 2 above, put in the legs one by one and drag it up as in the reverse up to the middle of the thigh.
  4. Turn it from the back / butt and wriggle in as you drag it up. 
    Note: Do not touch nor pull from the front. The Back will automatically pull up the front
  5. Ensure that you drag / pull it up till it get to the under burst.
  6. Jack each of the sides in front, envelopes some of the abdomen and at the same time try to bring the two edges to close.
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How to Measure

6. Depending on the volume of the stomach, we advise that you lie down to wrap at day 1. This helps to adjust the volume of the abdomen. You can call for help to get someone to wrap for you. You can also keep your legs in a triangular form while standing in front of the mirror to wrap while standing. Try to strap up one or 2 Velcro starting from the one above the pelvic, if possible or wait till the stomach goes down before you make an attempt to strap. Do not force to strap. If you fully strap at day one, the size that you have is obviously too big.

7. Depending on your skin flexibility, you should be able to fully strap from 5-7 days of 24/7 wear.

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